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With a combined experience of over 120 years, Kershaw & Associates, Inc. is sure to have a professional on staff who can help you through the daunting task of filing tax returns. Whether you need an individual return, a business return, or an estate or trust return, we're here to help. One of our greatest strengths is a thorough understanding of the interaction between these different types of tax forms. Knowing how your corporate return will affect your personal return can save a tremendous amount of time and money.


Most working adults are required to file a 1040-series tax return after the close of each calendar year. The IRS has done their best to simplify the tax forms by allowing many taxpayers to use the 1040-EZ or the 1040-A. The fact remains, however, that the tax code is overwhelmingly complex. A form is only as simple as the rules that govern it! We never turn anyone away for having too "simple" a tax return and we remind ourselves daily that every question is a good question.


Corporations, S-Corps, Homeowners Associations, Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships are required to file either Form 1120, 1120S, 1120H or Form 1065. At least one member of our staff attends an annual two-day seminar to stay abreast of the extremely complex rules and laws governing these forms.


When a taxpayer dies, the task of filing final tax returns begins. This often falls on the spouse or another beneficiary. The laws governing estate and gift tax returns are changing dramatically. As the federal estate tax phases out, don't be surprised to see many states implement their own estate tax. Proper planning can save all those involved from a tremendous amount of headache and heartache, particularly at such a vulnerable time.

Other State returns

We can prepare returns for all states with income tax.


The mere word makes most taxpayers cringe, and for good reason. No one wants a auditor picking apart their tax return, asking leading questions, and generally disrupting their life and/or business.

Take heart, it doesn't have to be that bad. In fact, some audits or IRS inquiry letters are very quick and easy, simply a matter of providing supporting documentation for one or two numbers. A lack of such evidence, however, can lead to an expanded audit. So can an improperly worded answer or any number of other factors. We recommend every taxpayer seek professional advice and assistance for ANY audit, even a "simple" one.