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Refunds & various questions

I didn't get my refund, what now?

You can check status of your IRS refund by going to

Have a copy of your tax return on hand,
the IRS website will ask for some specific information to verify you are the taxpayer.

For Oregon you can go to

or call The Oregon Department of Revenue at (503) 378-4988.

To be or not to be an LLC: An LLC is a legal entity registered with a state's corporation division.
The biggest misunderstanding we see clients have about LLCs
is they form an LLC and want to know how their taxes change.
There is no LLC tax return, forming a legal entity as an LLC
doesn't choose how your business will be taxed (although there are defaults).
Depending on number & type of owners an LLC could be taxed on schedule C-Sole Proprietor,
Form 1065-Partnership, Form 1120-Corporation or From 1120S- S-Corporation.
A unincorporated single owner business would file Schedule C-Sole Proprietor
and if they formed an LLC their tax structure would not change they would still file Schedule C
and IRS considers this a disregarded entity for tax purposes.
Taxpayers should discuss with a tax professional if they should accept the IRS default tax form
or choose one of the other tax forms available for LLCs.


Think your prior year taxes were prepared incorrectly or are missing deductions
or just want a 2nd opinion? Bring in your prior years tax return
& we will review it. If we find errors or deductions you were entitled
to but not claimed we can amend your tax return.
You can file an amended return up to 3 years from due date of the return.