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Accounting, QuickBooks, Quicken & other accounting software

Kershaw & Associates, Inc. uses the Intuit family of software packages: QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Mac, and Quicken. Already running a different software package? Not to worry, our accountants are adept at handling other systems. We can also help you convert to QuickBooks if you are interested. We can process your data for you or train you to do it yourself.

 Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff are available to help you meet your accounting and QuickBooks needs.

We can help you answer questions such as:

* What accounts should I be using?

*How (and why) do I reconcile my bank account(s)?

*What are financial statements and how do they help me?

*What is the difference between Profit & Loss vs. Cash flow

*What are debits and credits?

*What is accrual accounting?

*How can I make my accounting or QuickBooks "tax return ready"

Some of the features QuickBooks can provide:

* Reconcile Bank statement, credit cards, loans, etc.
Either manually checking off cleared items or sign up for online banking &
it will automatically check off all cleared transactions.
On line banking will even add cleared items you forgot to put into your register(s).

* We can help you set up your bills to pay in QuickBooks.
Just enter the bills once and code them to proper accounting categories,
print the checks using preprinted checks.
Then just review, sign & stuff into envelopes or alternately do online bill pay.

* Accounts Receivable: Manage who owes you money &
send out invoices and/or statements via US Mail or email.

* Inventory control, Job Costing, Payroll, Fixed Asset Management,
Create Estimate & later convert work orders.

*Create Budgets & Graphs

*Accountant's Copy: Forward a QuickBooks file to your accountant
that allows you to keep working while your accountant is posting year end entries &
corrections for tax preparation.

*Scan documents or receipts & attach to transaction in QuickBooks

*Export reports to Excel or Word for further customizing

*Integrate full service payroll into your QuickBooks so you don't have to hire a 3rd Party.
Full QuickBooks payroll service will do your paychecks, tax deposits,
payroll reports & post all the correct entries into your program at competitive prices.